Solar Motor for Conservation of Resources

Solar power and solar motors have become very popular nowadays because they use a renewable source of energy. Of these, solar water pumps have caught on in a big way and are being used extensively for pumping water. A lot of this water pumped from wells and rivers is used for crop irrigation and domestic use. A solar pumping system has a solar panel array which provides power to the solar motor. This motor is the power supply for the pump which pumps water from a stream or the ground into storage tanks. These tanks are provided with a gravity feed which eliminates the need for any energy storage. The other parts are a motor and a bore pump.

Pumping water using solar motors works exceptionally well because it is on hot, sunny days that water is needed the most. Photovoltaic systems are used to provide energy and these require little to no maintenance and are simple.

There is hardly any difference in this kind of pumping system from other pumping systems; only the power source differs. In order to increase the volume of water of water being pumped and to keep it pumping longer, sometimes the pumping arrays are fixed on passive trackers. Both AC and DC motors can be used for this purpose.

Although solar motors were considered too expensive to be feasible, nowadays the prices have gone down. This has enabled widespread use of these motors for a lot of applications. Further, Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs have played a huge role in offsetting the prices even more. Companies like Teco Electric Co. Ltd. specialise in these motors. With a world that is slowly running out of all its energy resources, it has become a matter of great significance to switch to such technology.