Electric Motor Manufacturers

The discovery of electricity brought about a lot of changes in the fields of engineering and technology. Probably one of the biggest and most useful one was the electric motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. There is hardly any activity that we pursue these days that does not involve an electric motor in one way or another. An electric motor manufacturer has his job cut out for him in producing the best motors needed for different purposes.

Any device whose output is a rotational or mechanical force of some kind can be called a motor. The motor is based on the principle that when a magnetic field and electric current interact with each other, a force perpendicular to both is experienced. An electric motor can rotate at a uniform speed even when the loads are varied.

It was British scientist Michael Faraday who showed how a current carrying conductor undergoes rotation when placed in a magnetic field. This rotation is the result of the torque which is generated from the current and field. It was in the year 1886 that scientist Frank Julian Sprague invented the first electric motor. In a way, he could be called the world’s first electric motor manufacturer.

The different types of an electric motor are a DC Motor, an AC motor, a synchronous motor, an induction motor and so on. Electric motor manufacturers like Teco Electric Co. Ltd. are well known for producing excellent quality motors, whether DC or AC, for all kinds of uses. These motors are versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications, both small and large.

Although AC and DC motors are different from each other in terms of their current supply, they each have their own specific uses. They cannot be interchanged due to their unique characteristics and features.