DC Motor Gear for Various Applications

12 Volt DC gear motors are a common sight in the fields of medicine and healthcare, drive systems, actuators and automobile systems. Their strength, linear performance and torque makes them ideal for such applications. A DC motor gear with high torque has a gearbox that is fully enclosed with steel spur gears. In order to have secure mounting, the motor housing has threaded holes which help in it.

12 Volt DC gear motors

12 Volt DC gear motors run on the standard voltage needed for industrial or automotive applications. The construction of a gear motor is similar to that of a DC motor but has a gearbox fitted to the front. Gearboxes have the advantage over motors because they convert the speed to torque that is better controlled and more useful.

Teco Electric Co. Ltd. stocks DC motor gears of which the spur gearbox type has an output shaft offset to the motor. When you compare these to other motors, they have a host of benefits like:
Power, efficiency, utilisation, longevity and performance can all be managed very well in the gear motor.
There is less leakage of lubrication because of the use of an O-ring and lip-seal construction.
Since parts that need assembly are fewer, the operation of the motor is quieter. Also, the gear train, rotor and pinion alignment is in line and properly done.
There are no motor couplings in the DC motor gear which means there are no corrosion and bearing alignment problems.
When applications need a horsepower that is larger than usual, gear motors are the best choice. This is because of the fact that the motor and gearhead can be separated to accommodate whatever horsepower is needed for an application.
All these facts point to the gear motor being an exceptionally piece of equipment that is useful for a variety of applications.