DC Electric Motors in Everyday Use

Electric motors are seen all around us and they form a part of most basic machinery. DC electric motors are responsible for a lot of the electro-magnetic movements around and as the name implies, it is just a matter of converting direct current into a mechanical motion.

A DC electric motor has a basic principle in which there is a magnetic field and a current carrying conductor is placed in it. The magnetic field acts on the conductor and makes it move. This motoring action can be reversed when the current direction in the conductor is also reversed.

The direct current motor or the DC electric motor has a lot of uses in fields like engineering and technology. To being used in an electric shaver to being a part of huge automobiles, DC motors come in handy everywhere. And since it is used in a wide range of applications, there are different types of DC motors available for specific requirements. Check out Teco Electric Co. Ltd. for these motors.

The different types of DC electric motors are listed as follows:
Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Separately Excited DC Motor
Self Excited DC Motor
Shunt Wound DC Motor
Series Wound DC Motor
Compound Wound DC Motor
Cumulative compound DC motor
Short shunt DC Motor
Long shunt DC Motor
Differential Compound DC Motor
Short Shunt DC Motor
Long Shunt DC Motor

The speed regulation of a DC motor is not very good because its speed decreases as the load on it increases. The aim is to have an unvarying speed at full load and no load. This can be done by regulating the rotor voltage and current passed through the coil. When you know what kind of motor you require, you just have to pick the one and use it for the purpose you have in mind.