DC Motor Speed Control for Ease of Usage

dc motor speed control

A DC motor is basically a coil of wire which has a current running through it. This generates an electromagnetic field. It is by switching this current on or off that the direction of the magnetic field is changed. The electromagnetic field’s strength will depend on the amount of current and the size of the coil. When the coils are turned on and off, it creates a rotating magnetic field and this process leads to the rotation of the armature. DC Motor speed control is possible by varying the amounts of current and magnetic fields.

When the DC motor was used in vehicles, streetcars and drilling rigs, it frequently required DC motor speed control. It was during the 1870s that they were used to run machinery. Their sizes can be small or big making them great for using in disk drives and paper machines. Since they can be operated from rechargeable batteries, they are useful in electric and hybrid cars.

Brushless motors, coreless motors and solar motors are some types of DC motors and there are many companies that specialise in making these. Teco Electric Co. Ltd. is one such company which is the answer to all your DC motor needs. The DC motor speed control is better than all its other counterparts. This makes it good for use in everyday life in electric appliances like fans, power tools and pumps. Even the power windows in our cars are lowered and raised by using DC motors.

We don’t have to look far for the applications of DC motors. Most simple mechanisms use them and they are seen in a lot of common paraphernalia. You use DC motors to start your car or another piece of robotic equipment. Altogether, the uses of these motors is manifold and DC motor speed control is needed to keep everything working smoothly.